I am just a normal gal, who grew up on a farm and spent most of my teenage years working out in our hog operation, and keeping the yard. I didn’t have as much time for my creative side as i sometimes wished i had…….Although my mother might contest that!  She honestly  never restricted me from my many and varying hobbies, such as stamp collecting, reading, & sewing (she taught me at a young age) I also enjoyed baking,  as well as spending time with my friends… Singing and Reading etc. Cooking, however never was my forte…  I always say when I married I had no idea how to make a pan of gravy…lol  None the less we have survived  and i can now cook a great meal as well. However,  It just seems a bit of a waste of time…. you can spend hours preparing and it just gets wolfed down in mere seconds…. especially with a house full of boys!

Years have gone by and many happy hours as a family with 4 boys and the challenges that attach themselves to such an environment have helped shape what was our “Life”, broken bones about topped the list, and the Nursing skills i had wished to aquire somehow were forced upon me lol!

 Anyhows so sometimes when I look back on life and ponder at where we are at this point I nearly gasp out loud, I don’t understand how the clock ticks by with such ferocious speed leaving me now just a few days this side of half a century…How can it be? I thought by this time life would have slowed down to a mere jog or a leisurely stroll, with hours to do just what I wanted!  It seems there is never enough hours in the day……do i have to may irons in the fire?  Or don’t i know how to focus and complete the task in front of me before I rush headlong into the next challenge…..perhaps when i am old i can sit and twiddle my thumbs.

This brings me to where i am at the moment.. we have had the website up a good long while and it seems it is in need of a upgraded look, being the “do it your selfer” that i am i say to myself..you can do this, you’ve got this girl…well i’m not so sure I do , however my pocket book doesn’t allow for me to hire some lovely graphic designer…. and so i spend a few hours doing research as well as trial and error…pouring over the word press for dummies book…  and just experimenting with which header typography settings make which lines on my website either ineligible to read or stand out in grandiose largeness that  even i without my bifocals can read.

My next challenge is the photography, I didn’t grow up taking pictures, didn’t have phones back then that did such as well as websites were part of the future I guess! So here we are today trying to take pictures of the tea in a way that you as a consumer will get a true picture of the leaves and fruits etc. I in no way want the pictures to be unrealistic, I am learning to play with the exposure part and the brightness etc. I ordered a light box off of amazon which is a bit of a joke, but we will use it for the meantime! so please have patience with me if you see a variety of photos up on here for awhile, please know its still a work in progress! if at any time you have some constructive criticism for me i will entertain it…even the other is ok ! I believe I may do some bartering with my lovely DIL and say I’ll cook , you be the photographer!!

One thing I can say is positively true that anything is possible with a good cup of tea, or maybe two or three.. I have consumed many cups as I sit here in the office, I also love to have a cup of tea with any passer by who happens to stop by in their travels!

Mothers day is coming, lets not forget ours!!!! Don’t forget tea makes an awesome Mothers day gift….

Here’s to a slower pace of life when the website is revamped!! Alas then its photo shop program i must learn to navigate as the labels are the next to be revamped, and yes i hired a designer but that leaves me with the editing!!!  So if you wonder what i am doing all day……you can now imagine!