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Experience Loose Leaf Tea at its finest!

Enjoy Some Tea-Time

  • Shop our many differant tea types. We carry many differant blends from around the world as well as we blend some of our own!!
  • Look for us in local farm market stores in central Alberta near you.
  • Order online and have next day shipping or your favorite tea dropped at one of our outlets
  • Stop by our ahead to make sure we are open

The Perfect Surrounding

  • Tea is good anywhere especially on a trip to the Rocky Mountains!
  • Take it to the office, or even the gym.
  • Tea is always better when shared with a friend!
  • Drinking tea can reduce stress and is a healthy beverage choice

Tea and Cooking

  • Did you know you can add tea for flavour when you are cooking?
  • Try some Lemon Lime Sunshine in your rice it pairs well with fish.
  • Use Lapsang Souchong to make BBQ Sauce
  • Try earl grey in your banana muffins or shortbread cookies! 

Contact us to purchase the best Chai ever sold in store and by special order

We are on a mission to share our love for tea with a new geration of tea drinkers and with our loyal customers by supplying teas that are curated and crafted from only the finest ingredients
Darla Baerg

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