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You can feel confident shopping from Siplicious, knowing that our teas are sourced from the finests plantations and are the best of the best!
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New Teas

Winter is coming and with that comes some new product!

Whether you prefer a sit down tea party with your mother, or a hike with a friend in our beautiful rocky mountains,  our new teas are an  awesome choice! Some of our fruit teas are the perfect thing to add to your water bottle helping you stay hydrated without any added calories!!!  As well as a perfect addition to your gym bag!

A wide slections of loose leaf teas!

Brewing Guide
& facts

With the right information, brewing a perfect cup of tea can be so simple!

Black Tea

Water Temp 212F (boiling)
Hot Tea: 1 tsp/8oz
Steep time 2-3 min. Black tea is fully caffeinated.

Green tea

Water temp. 175F (steaming)
Hot Tea: 1 tsp tsp/8oz
Steep time 1 - 2 min.
green tea is medium caffeine level.


Water temp 212F
Hot tea: 1.5tsp/8 oz
Steep time 5-6 min.
Rooibos has no caffeine.


Water temp. 212 F
Hot tea: 1.5 tsp/8oz
Steep time 5- 7 min.
Fruit tea has no caffeine.


Water Temp 185 F
Hot Tea 1 tsp/8oz
Steep 3-7 min.
White tea is considered light caffeine.


Water temp 212 F
Hot Tea:1.5 tsp/ 8 oz
Steep time 5-6 min
Herbal teas are free of caffeine.

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