• Earl Grey Rooibos


    Caffeine Free Loose Rooibos Tea: Simply stunning, a blend of high quality rooibos and sultry bergamot are a perfect combination. The Earl Grey with no caffeinne..

  • Snowflakes


    Caffeine Free Loose Rooibos: Tea with a delightful visual and aromatic appeal of delicate snowflakes enchanting your cup. Perfect for that evening sitting by the cozy fireside on our cold Canadian winter evenings!

  • Maple Nog


    Rooibos Caffeine Free Loose Tea: Our number one best seller at Christmas! It is the most delicious medley, slightly spicy a twist of maple and an Eggnog finish.

  • Vanilla Rooibos


    No caffeine Organic Rooibos Tea:  The creamy taste of fine-bitter Bourbon Vanilla on the finest of Rooibos tea, with a bright ruby red infusion, A Very smooth tea.

  • Creme De La Creme


    Caffiene Free Rooibos Loos Leaf Tea:  The opening bars are sweet toffee notes building to a full symphonic caramel, and "I want more finish!"

  • Sweet Peaches


    Caffeine Free Loose Rooibos Tea: A wonderful smooth and subtle treat. Delectable sweetened with a dash of sugar, but strong enough to stand alone. If you crave the taste of mouth watering peaches, this is the tea for you!

  • Chocolate Mint


    Caffeine Free Loose Rooibos Tea:  This infusion based in rooibos has the mellow notes of vanilla, the rich flavor of real chocolate chunks and defining essence of mint. Enjoy as a tea latte.

  • Caramel Nut


    Caffeine Free Loose Rooibos Tea: A top quality rooibos tea base with the flavor and aroma of a freshly baked pecan pie. The toasty pecan flavor shines with a sweet caramel finish.

  • Butter Crunch


    Caffeine Free Loose Rooibos Tea: Sweet chocolate caramel engulfs your taste buds and delicious mocha caffe notes linger. A complete exquisite indulgence.

  • French Provence


    No caffiene Rooibos Loose Tea: This tea is a  delicious blend of antioxidant rich rooibos, sweet berries and pleasant lavender leaving one imagining that you are sitting in a small cafe in Paris!

  • Holiday Treasure


    Caffeine Medium Loose Rooibos Tea: A perfect balance of rooibos and green teas with the flavors of vanilla and caramel.

  • Rooibos Original


    Caffeine Free Loose Rooibos Tea A traditional South African tea, also known as the "RED BUSH"

  • Out of stock



    Caffeine Free Loose Rooibos Tea: From the moment you first smell this tea you will know why we named it Amaretto. The sweet notes of almond will engulf all of your senses. A love at first sip kind of tea.

  • Pumpkin Pie


    Caffeine Free Loose Rooibos Tea: This autumn blend of genuine pumpkin pieces provides a wonderfully warming seasonal dessert tea that is perfect by itself or with a splash of milk.