• Resolution


    Caffeine Low Loose Spa Drinking Tea: A delicious blend of Oolong and Green teas with great taste and high anti-oxidants! Enjoy a great cup of tea, sit back and feel the goodness course its way through your body.

  • Formosa Oolong


    Caffeine Low Loose Oolong Tea Produces a lovely amber infusion and offers a mellow, fragrant cup with a hint of earthy sweetness. A great everyday oolong treat.

  • Milk Oolong


    Caffeine Low Loose Oolong Tea: This limited edition tea has a most unique character best described as premium oolong with sweet milk and light orchid notes.

  • Watermelon Oolong


     Oolong Loose leaf Tea: What can we say?  Ripe juicy, sunset pink, thirst quenching, Simply doesn't get any better!