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    A delightful gift for the person who loves Chai..this is a sure to please gift set!

    A 250 gram package of our Prana Chai along with a Turkish tea pot for brewing and

    a fine mesh strainer for straining the goodness into your favorite mug!


    "The Wall" teacup!  Designed in Winnipeg Manitoba.....as you can see it has a glass filtration barrier to keep the infused leaves, herbs, berries from your mouth! It is such a hassle free way to enjoy a cup of tea.

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    2 1/2 inch Mesh ball. Perfect for  a 4-cup teapot

  • Making a cup of loose tea is easy and effortless

  • The BREWT infuser is a revolutionary method for making your preferred hot or cold beverages through the ingenious combination of proper steeping, quality leaves, ground beans or cocoa powder and fresh hot water. Made with a Eastman Tritan BPA free polymer, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beverage worry-free.