• Turmeric Magic


    Med. Caffeine Loose Leaf Black Tea: Turmeric is good for inflammation, an incredibly mellow black tea with a fruity goodness! Great iced as well.

  • Vanilla Rooibos


    No caffeine Organic Rooibos Tea:  The creamy taste of fine-bitter Bourbon Vanilla on the finest of Rooibos tea, with a bright ruby red infusion, A Very smooth tea.

  • Maté Green


    Caffeine Medium Certified Organic Maté is rich in vitamins and minerals and its caffeine content works as a pleasant reviver.

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  • Femini-tea


    Caffeine Free Loose Spa Drinking Tea: A liberating, enjoyable, and flavorful herbal decoction designed especially for harmonizing and balancing women of all ages, a soothing cup perfect for everyday.

  • Lemonest


    Loose Organic Ground Lemon Peel: Perfectly organic, sundried, ground lemon peel. Amazing when brewed 5 minutes and served over ice- no sugar needed. Naturally refreshing and delicious!

  • Caffeine Low Loose Organic Green Tea: Reminiscent of picking fresh strawberries out of Grandma's garden. A very refreshing and reflective organic green tea blend.

  • Caffeine Medium Loose Organic Black Tea Succulent astringent character of pomegranate, fuses with sweet and sour lemon, blended together with an organi!c black tea base. You will be saying more please!

  • Masculini-tea


    Caffeine Free Loose Spa Drinking Tea: An all around tonic and balance just for men! This healthy concoction was created for general health of men both young and old.