• After Dinner Mint

    Caffeine Medium Loose Black Tea
    A decadent combination of smooth black tea, chocolate and mint. The perfect way to end a meal.
  • Amaretto

    Caffeine Free Loose Rooibos Tea
    From the moment you first smell this tea you will know why
     we named it Amaretto. The sweet notes of almond will engulf all of your senses.
     A love at first sip kind of tea.
  • Amsterdam 6-Cup Teapot Amsterdam 6-Cup Teapot
    These beautiful high quality affordable teapots are suitable for everyday household use.
    - 39oz approx. capacity
    - Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Assam Tiger Chai

    Caffeine Medium Loose Chai Tea
    Fennel and cinnamon provides the sweet taste that balances the cloves and cardamom aromatics.
     You will not miss the masala spices in this flavorful tea.
  • Black Vanilla Bean

    Caffeine Medium Loose Black Tea
    Imagine a smooth black tea blended with real bits of Madagascar Vanilla bean!
     It makes the perfect cup with a splash of milk and sweetened to taste.
  • Blackberry

    Caffeine Medium Loose Black Tea
  • Blueberry Burst

    This one-of-a-kind tea blend combines the best of both worlds;
    the great flavour of blueberries with the bright, full bodied taste
    of black tea.
  • The BREWT infuser is a revolutionary method for making your preferred hot or cold beverages through the ingenious combination of proper steeping, quality leaves, ground beans or cocoa powder and fresh hot water.
    Made with a Eastman Tritan BPA free polymer, allowing you to enjoy your favorite beverage worry-free.
  • Butter Crunch

    Caffeine Free Loose Rooibos Tea
    Sweet chocolate caramel engulfs your taste buds and delicious mocha caffe
     notes linger. A complete exquisite indulgence.
  • Butter Truffle

    Caffeine Medium Loose Black Tea
    Full-bodied strong tea delicious on its own, or with a splash of milk and sugar.
  • Butterscotch Dessert

    Caffeine Medium Loose Pu-erh Tea
    Sweet sugary notes of butterscotch blend in perfect harmony 
    with the decadent characteristics of pu-erh.
  • Calming Camomile

    Caffeine Free Loose Herbal Tea
    Gourmet camomile flowers produce a soothing and pleasant aroma with a
     fruity character. A very relaxing and beneficial tea.
  • Canadian Berries

    Caffeine Free Loose Fruit Tea
    This award winning "All-Canadian", berry-delicious infusion is packed full of native
     berries bursting with the flavors of our True North Strong and Free.
  • Canadian Ice Wine

    Caffeine Medium Loose Black Tea
    A very pleasant Ceylon tea with a lingering aftertaste reminiscent of Ice Wine. 
    Just as delicious chilled.
  • Candy Cane Lane

    Caffeine Free Loose Herbal Tea
    This tea offers an aromatic and soothing peppermint experience. A delightful holiday twist, candy canes in a cup!
  • Caramel Apple

    Caffeine Low Loose Green Tea
    Enjoy a childhood favorite everyday, without the guilt! 
    A refreshing treat, perfect any time of the day.