• Caffeine Free Loose Fruit Tea: Our sweet mix of fruit, honey and licorice is rich in Vitamin A, C, beta-carotene and helps ease symptoms of coughs and colds. Can be enjoyed hot, cold or frozen into a deliciously sweet popsicle.

  • Lemonberry Mist


    Caffeine Free Loose Fruit Tea: A pungent blend of lemons and strawberry make this tea anyone's favorite. A dash of sugar brings out the exotic flavors.

  • Strawberry Kiwi


    Caffeine Free Loose Fruit Tea: Delicious sweet strawberries are delicately blended with kiwi to create a fruit tisane that is both flavorful and refreshing. Wonderful iced and added to your favorite lemonade for a cooling treat.

  • Canadian Berries


    Caffeine Free Loose Fruit Tea:   This award winning "All-Canadian", berry-delicious infusion is packed full of native berries bursting with the flavors of our True North Strong and Free.

  • Mango Parfait


    Caffeine Free Loose Fruit Tea: Lose yourself in the essence of summer. Juicy mango layers and coconut undertones! An awesome iced tea choice!

  • Farmer’s Market


    Caffeine Free Loose Fruit Tea: Brisk, crisp, sweet and fruity- a juicy mosaic with tart summer fruit, rounded by fall harvest vegetal flavors. A market in a cup.

  • Cherry-licious


    Sea Buckthorn: The Miracle Berry and Sweet Cherries...a truly delicious combination.

    Slightly tart profile...Sea buckthorn is high in Vitamin C.... just what the Dr ordered for the cold/flu season!

  • Ginger Pear


    Sweet, spicy, and tart – this tea has a little bit of everything. It is a perfect representation of nature’s full range of earthy spices, crisp florals, and fresh, vibrant fruit.

  • Candied Almonds


    A Caffeine free Loose Fruit Tea: A subtle tea, delicious and one of the only fruit teas without hibiscus that's out there....

  • Blue Eyes


    Caffeine Free Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane: A hint of caramel gives this herbal fruit tea a sweet almost candy-like flavour.

  • Carribean Orchard

    Caribbean Orchard...what can i say? Delicious fruity tea, fully edible  steep and add to your morning yogurt!
  • Mango Peach Fruit

    A sweet Summer Temptation, imagine juicy ripe peaches paired with the tropical twist of ripe papaya and pineapple! Totally an edible tea!
  • Blueberry Bingo

    Blueberry Bingo Your healthy choice.. full of antioxidants and Vitamin A and C  the perfect iced solution for that hot summer day!