• Assam Tiger Chai

    Caffeine Medium Loose Chai Tea
    Fennel and cinnamon provides the sweet taste that balances the cloves and cardamom aromatics.
     You will not miss the masala spices in this flavorful tea.

    Decaffeinated Loose Black Chai Tea
    The exotic flavors of India’s most popular drink in this fantastic decaffeinated form.
     A superbly smooth mixture of spices and top quality Indian tea, this is one brew you’ll
     want to take with you wherever you go.

    Caffeine/Matteine Rich Loose Chai Tea
    High caffeine Yerba Mate is used as base to produce a delicious 
    and healthy tea that Chai lovers are sure to enjoy.
  • Ruby Chai

    Caffeine Medium Loose Chai Tea
    The full robust, sweet taste of freshly ground spices makes every fresh brewed cup of tea a luscious treat.
     Paired with milk and sugar and it will complete the experience.
  • Spicy Chai

    Caffeine Medium Loose Chai Tea
    A must have for Chai lovers. Start your day by having this spicy,
     full-bodied, flavorful cup of chai.
  • Vanilla Chai

    Caffeine Medium Loose Chai Tea
    The exotic addition of fresh vanilla bolsters the cup by providing 
    creamy notes that round out the spicy mix of the tea.