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Siplicious was est. in 2012, and has been on a mission ever since to provide high quality loose leaf tea to those that matter all around us and most importantly YOU!

Without you and our humble beginnings we could never attain our purpose!

Our lives definitely changed in 2014 when I Darla Baerg and (my awesome support team My family of course) decided to purchase Siplicious from its founder/owner.  Yes, we got a lot busier (thought we were busy before) and yes it ‘s been a huge learning curve for me.

Marketing is a completely different ballgame then laundry and cooking!  We moved away from the home party MLM company that it was and reached out to the world of online sales building up our website, we also have a small retail side in our packaging and blending facility in Linden as well as having a presence at farmers markets local to us! As well as an ever growing selection of retail locations. (we will add a section to our BLOG on locations of these in the near future)

Having worked along side my husband in his various businesses has taught me a lot in regards to customer service and knowing that prompt service is what counts!  Honesty can get a person a long way, as well as connection.

That my friend is what we are all about…having something to provide you and yours with a reason for connection, whether it between you and your spouse, a friend or your  child reaching out to someone with a cup of tea is an age old tradition and one that we want to see carried forward!

We are proud to present the line up of fine teas we have and of course its always changing. We are always looking for ways we can improve. We work alongside suppliers who are concerned about the same issues we are!  You can check our ethical standing on (our info page which we will be adding soon as well.)

I have had a few “what in the world have I done now” moments, but overall the journey has been amazing and tea-rrific!  And we are excited to see where the future will take us!

Our mission statement is

To change the world one cup at a time!


Darla Baerg

Owner and purveyor of fine teas